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Himalayan Sheepdog Dog Breed

Often called the “Bhote Kukur” the Himalayan Sheepdog is a very rare herding breed of Nepali origin. It is said to have similar appearance to the Newfoundland and the Tibetan Mastiff as well as often compared to mountain bears. A large-sized dog, it stands between 26 to 32 inches and weighs from 62 to 84 pounds. It has a wedge-shaped head tapering to a narrow muzzle with long, V-shaped ears that are erect. Powerful-looking, it has straight legs and a muscular, stocky build. Its tail is long, round and hairy, slightly curved and held high. The feet are thickly padded making it easy for the breed to walk in the snow-capped mountains where they live. Its weather-resistant coat is made up of double layers - a dense, thick, long and furry outer coat and the undercoat which is made of finer hair and not as dense. It is primarily white, but may also come in varying shades of fawn, brown and off white.

A natural flock guardian dog, the Himalayan Sheepdog is aggressive, intelligent and strong-willed. They are reserved towards strangers and extremely protective of its herd. As they are territorial, they also make for good watch dogs for the house. It has a bark that is big and loud enough to scare predators and unknown humans away from the flock that it is watching over. They need to be trained and socialized early if they will be kept as a household pet because their independent streak will cause them to be disobedient to their owner at times. The Himalayan Sheepdog is a fairly healthy breed that can live up to 13 years.

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