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Hodges University Online

Hodges University was founded in 1990 as an International College. This eventually led to the university being known not only for its rankings and reviews but mainly because of it being one of the premier private universities in Florida. It is as well known for its different accreditations, memberships and recognitions. Hodges University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education. It is a member of the Independent Colleges and Universities of Florida and the Alliance of Educational Leaders. The university is recognized by Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization Services, Florida Boars of Accountancy, Florida Bureau for Teacher Certification, Florida Department of Administration and Florida State Approving Agency for Veterans Affairs.

The online program and online classes of Hodges University include online courses and online degrees making up almost 21 online degree programs such as Business Administration, Applied Psychology, Criminal Justice, Health Administration, Legal Studies, Information Systems Management, Management, Professional Studies, Paralegal Studies, Health Information technology and Public Administration.

Admissions differ on Undergraduate, Graduate, international students and those applicants for the university’s online program. Undergraduate Tuition for all credit hour courses is $460 per credit hour, $615 for Graduate students, $2775 per 15 week term for intensive English applicants. Financial aid is in the form of Loans namely Federal Stafford Student Loans and Federal Plus Loan Program and grants such as Federal Pell Grants, Florida Resident Access Grants and Florida Student Assistance Grant. Scholarships are offered as well such as endowed Scholarships, scholarships supported by Annual Gifts and Special Institutional Scholarships.

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