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In Horse Racing, What Is a Trifecta Bet?

One of the most exciting, the most anticipated and the most profitable aspects of horse racing is the betting. It allows spectators to hold a little “Game” of their own, by forecasting whether a horse will get first, second or third place (called “win, place or show”).

There are many ways to place a bet. Many racetracks have stalls right inside it, but there are also online betting sites. People can choose from different kinds of bets. One of them is the trifecta.

The trifecta bet offers one of the biggest possible rewards, but like all bets, the odds of getting it right are quite small. The person must be able to correctly name which horses will get first, second and third place. It is already quite difficult to correctly guess the top three horses in any race. However, the trifecta bet takes it further—even if the person correctly guesses the horses, if the show or third placer actually gets into second place, he will not bring home a cent.

Some trifecta bets like standout trifecta are strict about correctly naming the first placer but allow the person to choose the next two in no particular order. The box trifecta only requires the person to name the top three regardless of which gets first, second or third place.

Expert horse betters don’t just leave this to random guessing. They will study the horses’ previous ranking, physical condition, and even exhaustion levels from the time lapsed sine the last race.

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