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How to Buy a Real Christmas Tree

This is a quick how to guide put together by the team here at Brainz. We want to help you have the most enjoyable Christmas Season ever.

Here's our How To Guide For Buying A Real Christmas Tree.

christmas tree farm

Step One.
First off, measure the ceiling height in the room that you are going to put your Christmas Tree. Choose a tree that is at least 18 inches shorter than the height of the ceiling. Remember to bring your tape measure with you. Also, it is important to measure the opening of his tree stand and make sure the base fits your chosen tree. You don't want to have to go out and buy another tree stand to fit your freshly cut Christmas Tree.

Step Two.
Make sure you buy a fresh Christmas Tree. You can tell a Christmas Tree is fresh by shaking the tree. If it's fresh no needles will fall off. If its been cut to early needles will come crashing down. You want a fresh tree, they last longer and will stay healthy longer.

Step Three.
Make sure the base of the Christmas Tree is 6 inches wide so it fits firmly in your tree stand. If it's too narrow it will wobble and shake and could come crashing down after you put the ornaments on it.

How To Keep Your Christmas Tree Longer
A Christmas Tree Has a Certain Lifespan. The best thing to feed your Christmas Tree is Water. Contrary to popular belief Sugar Water, Corn Syrup, or Baking Soda do nothing to help increase the life of your tree.

Popular Types of Christmas Trees

Scotch Pine

Douglas Fir

Nobile Fir

Balsam Fir

Happy Holidays and Happy Tree Hunting From The Brainz Crew

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