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How Can Eczema Itching Be Relieved?

Eczema is a wide range of skin conditions wherein the patient generally experiences itchiness. There are many kinds of eczema, depending on the cause. Aside from the fact that eczema can be unsightly, it can also make the patient suffer from extreme itchiness. Anyone who has had to deal with eczema knows that sometimes, it is but impossible to stop from scratching the affected area. Common sense dictates that scratching should not be done, as it will only aggravate the rashes.

One way to prevent eczema itching is to avoid using scented soaps, lotions, and other skin products. Scented skin products oftentimes contain ingredients that only serve to irritate the skin further. Instead, stick to unscented natural products which are mild on the skin,

Another way to prevent or alleviate eczema itching is to use moisturizers. Since eczema is often characterized by extremely dry skin, moisturizing your skin can hasten the healing process. Make sure, however, that you use moisturizers that do not contain ingredients that can further aggravate the condition. Alternatively, drink a lot of water and fluids as doing this will help moisturize your skin from the inside as well.

Cold compresses can also help make the itching stop temporarily.

In some cases, you will need to purchase medication. There are over-the-counter creams and ointments that you can apply to the affected area. For more severe cases, a dermatologist will give you a prescription, either for topical creams or for oral medication. In any case, remember that you have to follow the instructions strictly for this kind of medication as some of them may contain steroids.

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