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How Can Flat Feet Be Treated?

Flat feet is a medical condition wherein the arch of one foot drops down. In some cases, both feet can become flat. There are two main reasons for flat feet. The more common one is that the arches do not develop in childhood, hence resulting in flat feet as an adult. Babies actually have flat feet and they only develop the arches as they grow up. If this does not happen, the person will have flat feet. The other reason is if the tendon that runs from the inside of the ankle to the arch becomes weakened or injured. This will also result in the arch falling.

The good news is that flat feet should not cause any pain. There are some instances wherein a person with flat feet may experience foot pain, but it is not that common. The bad news is that having flat feet can cause other problems in other parts of the body. Hence, it is a smart idea to actually provide some support for the feet, creating “fake” arches.

While there is no real cure for flat feet, the simplest thing that you can do is to get some insoles that you can place inside your shoes. This will help create an artificial arch and avoid the complications that may arise due to flat feet. There are even special shoes that you can buy specially for flat feet.

If you have flat feet due to weakened tendons and muscles in the feet, you may want to consider physical therapy. These sessions will help strengthen the muscles so that your arches can be rebuilt. If therapy does not work and you are suffering from pain - usually in the hip and back area - then your doctor may consider surgery.

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