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How Can I Detect Lies?

Lying is one of people’s ways of escaping from an eventual blame or embarrassment for doing something inappropriate. There are instances when people also lie to be able to get a desired result or favor from someone. Lying is also committed to escape from one’s mistakes. There are many reasons why people lie but there are also many ways by which lies can be detected, let alone the use of a lie detection machine. Investigators in particular are very much knowledgeable in body languages that may suggest that a person in lying. Body languages are very useful to determine if people are telling lies.

Speaking of body languages, a person who tells lies exhibits some actions that distract an investigator to what the person is telling. One important way of knowing is through eye contact. A person telling lies refuses or is not capable of making an eye contact with the investigator or to the person he or she is talking to. A person telling lies will usually have a lot of hand gestures or movements that is usually stiff. They tend to wander around and cannot focus in one direction. Most often, their statements are incoherent. They don’t feel relaxed but they will make an investigator feel they are fine by having a fake smile or yawning. But investigators can usually point it out in no time because persons telling lies have a different manner of smiling compared to that of the real smile. Most importantly, people who lie are always on the defensive side.

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