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How Can I Find a Good Lawyer?

There is no standardized way of procuring the services of a good lawyer. However, there have been methods, which have proven to be more successful than others, that allow individuals seeking legal counsel to find a good lawyer. The exact definition of a good lawyer may vary according to individual preference and personal opinion, but a lawyer is generally considered to be good if he or she can provide legal counsel or representation to the satisfaction of his or her clients.

The most unsuccessful method of finding a good lawyer involves going through the Yellow Pages. However, if one has chosen this method of finding a good lawyer, it is suggested that one set up an appointment to consult with the lawyer regarding one’s litigation. This consultation allows one the opportunity to review and evaluate the lawyer according to your criteria. Thus, the consultation is akin to a job interview. If the lawyer does not wish to meet for a free consultation or one does not respond well to a lawyer, it is necessary to go to the next one.

A more successful method of finding a good lawyer involves making a phone call to the local bar association. One can ask for a few names of the lawyers that specialize in the field of law that is involved in one’s litigation issue. It is also possible to find a good lawyer through personal references. People one may trust can provide names of lawyers whom they have trusted and continue to trust.

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