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How Can I Get Along With My In-Laws?

Couples, particularly those who are newly married, always face the anxiety on how to deal with the parents of their partner. Most often, couples face certain problems when it comes to their family life because some in-laws are trying to control the new family, or still exerts influence on the decision making of the new family or sometimes in-laws are over protective to their newly wed duaghter or son. In any case, it is vital that couples need to learn some few tips on how to effectively deal with and eventually get along well with in-laws.

First, it is very important to note that getting along with in-laws may take some time before being able to get their full trust and before one is bonding naturaly with them. One of the most effective ways in dealing with in-laws is by discovering what they like to do which can be a good source of information on how to bond with them. Try to do or participate in the things the in-laws enjor doing, or better yet, try to find a common interest so that such interests can be conducted together with the in-laws. Second, it is very crucial to note that there are instances when in-laws cannot immediately accept new individuals or new additions to their family, but there are also in-laws who can create new relationships with new people in the family very easily. In this case, it would be helpful to focus interpersonal efforts to in-laws who posses the openness to know a new person in a very easy and friendly way.

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