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How Can I Increase My Credit Limit?

Credit cards all come with a credit limit which does not allow the client to use the card once that limit has been reached. Every credit card that is issued comes with a corresponding credit limit. The limit depends on the kind of credit card that you get. Usually, if it is your first credit card, the credit limit is kept to a minimum. If you have other existing credit cards, especially with the same provider, the credit limit on subsequent cards will probably be higher. In any case, credit card companies provide the option of having the credit limit increased after a certain period has gone by.

The actual process of asking for an increase in your credit limit is quite simple. In most cases, you simply have to call your credit card company to file the request. The customer service agent that you deal with will ask you for pertinent details such as account name, card number, existing credit limit, and card expiration. Other details may be asked for verification purposes. Alternatively, you can also check the web site of the credit card company. They usually have online forms which you can fill up for a credit limit increase forms. Another option would be to pay a personal visit to the issuing bank. Whichever method you choose, you will most likely get a response within a few days. In some cases, you may even receive a response within the same day that you file your request.

Before you ask for an increase in your credit limit, however, you have to note that most credit card companies have rules as to when this kind of request can be accommodated. Some companies require the card to have been active for a minimum of six months - this number can change, of course. Other considerations include the status of the account - outstanding balances, due payments, payment history, and so on.

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