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How Can I Learn About Different Cultures?

The world is made up of a variety of cultures. Culture refers to people’s way of life as well as their perceived realities. Cultures are often defined by the way people interact through their language, social constructs, beliefs, practices, norms and others. People on the other hand are classified or identified through their color, language and even looks. However, people who live in the same continent are also varied. They have different cultures. It is therefore vital that one is able to appreciate other people’s culture to prevent discrimination and misconceptions.

Trying to learn another people’s culture is difficult especially when one does not have a direct encounter with the people one is studying. However, nowadays there are already a lot of books where people can read about other people’s culture. With the advent of globalization, people are free to travel anywhere they want. That is why learning about other people’s culture is no longer just in the books. Adventurers and travelers for example get in touch with the people and culture of another country. There are also a lot of exchanges happening around the world particularly in the academe to further strengthen the ties and relations of each government. If one is really interested in learning a particular culture, it is also advisable to learn the language of the people whose culture one is interested about. Another very important way is to take up a subject or even a major in the culture that one is interested in. Lastly, equally important to studying is the interaction with the people and experiencing their culture.

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