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How Can I Let Someone Down Easy?

In every relationship, there will always come a point when one person gets uninterested to the other party. There are also times when one has already established a relationship with the other person but eventually fall out of love or find that the relationship will not really work. In such cases, letting someone feel down should be done in a way that will clearly and directly make the other person understand the message of breaking up or letting go. It has to be done in a gentle but firm way.

When a person wanted to make someone down in a very clear way, it is crucial that right from the start, he or she should state firmly that the relationship will not work, and follow that statement with clear reasons. This however, is not easy to do but it has to be done to avoid false hopes of getting the relationship back or believing that there is still a chance to mend the relationship. If one of the parties wanted to end a relationship, the person who wanted to end it should tell the other person directly so that the agony, the hurting feelings and even anger will not linger or will not stay for long. Being direct would eventually prove to be very helpful to the persons involved. To let someone feel down easily, it is also crucial to state the reasons for the incompatibilities so that each can be free to look for a new relationship that will fit each other’s needs.

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