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How Can I Prepare to Attend a Class Reunion?

Class reunion has always been an exciting event for some but also a bittersweet moment for others. It’s an event where former high school or even university batch mates meet each other and update each other of their current status. There are however, several crucial preparations that one has to prepare to be able to prepare better for the class reunion. Each member of the batch must be prepared emotionally, financially and logistically in order to create a very memorable and rewarding class reunion.

First, it is crucial that each of the class mates are prepared emotionally considering the excitement that they may feel seeing their former seatmates and best friends, even x-boyfriends. Emotional readiness is also necessary as there would be some possibility of reviving past rivalries and quarrels of some sort. Each should be prepared to face their situation and that of the situation of their former classmates. There might be others who are very good in high school but have fallen into a miserable life or have been struggling after university life. There are also possibilities of comparing oneself to others so each should be prepared emotionally. One should also be ready for dealing with some shocking situations such as death of former friends. Aside from the emotional aspects, the batch should be prepared logistically, which includes among other the invitations and other promotional materials. Financially, each should be prepared for extra costs that they might incur on attending the reunion especially when it involves a weekend overnight or weekend get-together parties.

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