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How Can I Prepare to Become a Stepfather?

Stepfather is a term that refers to the legal but not the biological father of children in a family. A step father status is acquired if a mother who has children in her previous relationship will marry a man who can be the legal father of her children. To become a step father is very challenging as it involves emotional and interpersonal interaction with the children, making the children feel that they are loved and taken cared for. The step father should not be seen as a rival of the children for the attention of their mother. It is however crucial that the relationship of the mother and the step father is already strong so that the emotion of the children will not be shattered the moment something happens between the mother and step father. It is very important that the step father can bond well with the children and spend time with them to establish rapport and emotional connections. The step father should bear in mind that he should not compete with the biological father especially if the relationship of the children is already established with the biological father as it is but natural for the later to be concerned with his children.

Despite the challenges that a step father may face, being a step father is also a very rewarding experience for both the step father and the children. If the step father also has his own children, it would be good if he can integrate his children to that of the children of his new wife so that everyone will feel that they are all equal and important.

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