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How Can I Reduce the Symptoms of Gout?

Gout is a painful medical condition that results from high levels of uric acid in the body. When one has a gout attack, he will experience pain and inflammation in his joints. Usually, the symptoms are manifested in the joints in the toes, heels, knees, fingers, and wrists. Gout can be caused by an unbalanced diet, genetic predisposition, or some other underlying medical condition.

In order to reduce the symptoms of gout, you need to monitor your uric acid levels. This means that you have to watch what you eat. Basically, you have to know which food and drink items contain high levels of uric acid, and avoid them. Alcoholic drinks and caffeinated drinks are high on the list of “forbidden” beverages as they have a lot of uric acids. As for food, as much as possible, stay away from red meat, oily fish (anchovies, salmon, trout, and cod), shellfish, turkey, goose, mushroom, and legumes.

Problems with gout have also been associated with weight problems. It seems that overweight people face a higher risk of suffering from gout. If you are suffering from gout, you should then consider losing some weight. Watching what you eat will, of course, help you with this issue. You should also try to get more exercise. Whether you walk more or you go to the gym or you engage in a sport, as long as you shed some pounds, it will do you good.

Water therapy has been proven to help relieve symptoms of gout. This is because drinking lots of water will help flush out excess uric acid and cleanse your body. The usual eight glasses a day is highly recommended for those suffering from gout.

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