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How Can I Stop Gambling Online?

Gambling is a hobby for some people, but studies and experience have consistently shown that it can easily become an addiction. More so, with the advent of the Internet, gambling has reached a totally new level. Online gambling affords more convenience and also allows players to interact with people from all over the world. In addition to this, players can engage in their favorite game any time and anywhere as long as they have a computer and access tot he Internet.

One can engage in online gambling for free as many online casinos offer games for play money. More often than not, however, using real money follows. People can fund their online casino accounts in a variety of ways - credit cards being the most common.

The advantage of ease and convenience also brings about a disadvantage: people may become more easily addicted to online gambling. If you find yourself spending majority of your time gambling online, then you might have to seek help.

Gambling addiction - whether online or not - is a disease. The first step to treating it is realizing that you do need help. If you are open to counseling, it might be the best thing for you. However, you also need to take steps on your own. For one, you need to remove temptation and stay away from it. Close all your online gambling accounts - if you are decided in stopping this activity, you will have no need for those accounts anyway. Keeping them open will only serve to hinder your progress.
Take on a new hobby, preferable something that does not have anything to do with computers and the Internet. Go to they gym, swim, interact with other people face to face - whatever will take up your time and attention that is not related to online gambling, do it!

Support and accountability is important in your quest to stop online gambling. Let your family members know. Let your close friends know. They will give you the support that you will need to break away from the habit.

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