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How Can I View the EXIF Data of a Photograph?

The EXIF data of a photograph contains the file data related to that image. It includes the shutter and aperture settings and the type of camera used. It can also provide the date when the picture was taken, or (if programmed) the image and copyright data.

Professional photographers (or anyone who might be interested in that information) usually have to install special software in their computers in order to see it. While the software is relatively easy to use, it can be inconvenient and expensive. Not many would like to have to go through the trouble of going to a software store and spending money for something they may only need a few times.

However, there are now web-based programs that allow people to view the EXIF data of a photograph as easily and quickly as a click of a mouse. These web-based programs are very simple. Users only have to type in the name of the photograph into the fields. Usually the photos should be in jpeg format. (Use photo management tools to convert tiff and other photo formats into jpeg.)
It is also necessary to input the location of the photo. Use the browse button to specify where the photo is in the computer. The website also works with photo sharing websites like Flickr. Users only have to type in the nine-digit number that follow the FLickr URL. The same process applies to web images (just copy and paste the URL in the field).

However, EXIF data is at its most accurate when it pertains to an unedited image.

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