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How Can You Whiten Your Teeth at Home?

White teeth is something that many people yearn for, especially since we all see those pearly shiny smiles that celebrities flash left and right these days. By Hollywood standards, shiny white teeth are the norm. You can opt to pay a visit to the dentist for professional cleaning and whitening services, but you have to be ready to spend time and money for that.

Alternatively, you can carry out a teeth whitening session or two in the comforts of your own home. Fortunately, teeth whitening is so popular these days that you have quite a number of affordable options for home treatment.

Perhaps the most popular and most convenient home teeth whitening option is to purchase toothpaste that has whitening properties. Practically all toothpaste brands have this variety, and with medium term consistent use, you will see the difference.

For better results, you can purchase creams similar to toothpaste, which you can use after brushing your teeth at night. These creams are rather cheap, with prices at less than $10. However, these creams may not work for severely stained teeth.

For stronger whitening action, teeth whitening strips are a better option. These strips are more expensive, but they do have better results for yellow teeth. Teeth whitening strips can cost anywhere from $20 to $50. Alternatively, you can opt for gel-mouthguard combinations. These are the most effective home treatments and are the most expensive as well. Be prepared to pay as high as $100 for these teeth whitening kits.

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