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How Did Marilyn Monroe Die?

Marilyn Monroe died during the night of August 4, 1962. Speculation surrounds her death, with three main theories. The initial coroner’s report stated that her death was a ‘probable suicide’ through a barbiturates overdose.

Marilyn Monroe led a troubled life giving her a plausible reason to take her own life. She was brought up in foster care and married early at 16. She consistently fell into scandalous relationships (the Kennedy brothers) with much older men and seemed unhappy and dissatisfied with her life. Several suicide attempts in the 1940s and 1950s were kept secret by her publicists. But the 1962 police report explains that there was no visible vomit or unordinary body posture and that for the amount of pills that Marilyn Monroe needed to swallow, there was no water or drinking cup in her bedroom.

Marilyn Monroe was under the care of both a psychiatrist and an internist. Her psychiatrist gave her less addictive pills to wean her off the strong type of sleeping pill, but her internist continued to provide her with that prescription. Neither communicated with the other, so Marilyn Monroe’s death could have been due to an accidental drug interaction.

A next door neighbor to Marilyn Monroe testified that she saw Robert Kennedy and two men enter Marilyn Monroe’s house around 7pm. One of the men carried a black medical bag. Though she had no injection marks on her, an enema of barbiturates could have been administered. The Kennedys could have murdered her to guarantee her silence about their sexual affairs and sensitive political matters.

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