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How Do I Choose the Best Daily Multivitamin?

When selecting the best daily multivitamin, you must take into consideration your sex, age and nutritional needs. Men and women, children and adults of varying ages have different nutritional requirements. Also compare the various multivitamins that you have access too, as their composition and prices may differ.

Some multivitamins are extracted from whole foods and are generally organic without any synthetic ingredients. Decide if you would like natural products or if your are comfortable with synthetic multivitamins. Even though you might prefer the natural multivitamin, it may be quite expensive in comparison to the synthetically derived ones. Decide whether you prefer taking tablets, liquid or powder on a daily basis.

Different ages require different daily multivitamins as age determines your nutritional needs. Age also determines the dosage and potency that you take. Pregnancy also requires a different dosage and potency different from other women. Depending upon your diet, some vitamins in the multivitamin may not be necessary. Consuming lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, decreases the need to use certain multivitamins. Some pregnant women too may differ as some may be prescribed more vitamin D and calcium, whilst another vitamin B and iron. There are also prenatal vitamins which will help the fetus grow well, it is best that a doctor prescribe these.

Depending upon the season and your general health some multivitamins may be more important than others. When you are ill, in pain or stressed it is best to take multivitamins with a higher vitamin C and B composition.

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