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How Do I Create My Own Website?

There are many reasons to create a website. Companies obviously do it for sales and marketing purposes, but even ordinary individuals can benefit from running one of their own. They can use it as a way of connecting to friends and family, build a community around an interest or a cause, share knowledge, or even promote their small home-based business.

With today’s tools it’s very easy for anyone to make a website—yes, even those who have very little computer knowledge.

For example, many companies offer online site creation tools with very simple and intuitive commands and interfaces. People will see icons that they are familiar with—the same bar of commands they see in word document programs, as well as buttons that allow them to insert images and links. These online site creation tools are often free.

Those who want a dedicated domain and want a little more creative freedom can buy a domain name, get a web hosting server, and create pages using HTML. To find a host google “hosting” or “cheap hosting.” The average price of hosting is ten dollars a month.

Some people are afraid of using HTML. However, this is not a programming language and is quite easy to learn. Basic HTML can in fact be mastered in an hour—well, definitely less than a day. There are many books that offer very simplified instructions on HTML. You can also check out websites.

Once you have made the pages, upload them to the website and use an FTP application to send them to the server. Almost automatically, the website will be up and running. Usually it takes a few days for search engines to index the site. To improve website ranking look into tips on search engine optimization.

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