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How Do I Deal With Wisdom Tooth Pain?

A wisdom tooth can be any one of the four third molars which grow at the back part of one’s jaws. In general, adults get four wisdom teeth, although some adults get more. Wisdom teeth usually come out in between the ages of 17 and 25. When more than four wisdom teeth grow, adults can experience problems such as pain, swelling, and difficulty in chewing. When the problem serious, wisdom teeth are often extracted.

In many cases, people do not get all four wisdom teeth. What usually happens is that a tooth does not come out of the gums fully. This is called partial eruption. When this happens, the person experiences a lot of pain periodically. The gums also become tender and swollen.

One treatment for wisdom tooth pain due to partial eruption is extraction. Even when not all of the wisdom teeth have come out yet, dentists will consider extraction. This is the better option as partially erupted wisdom teeth can result in further infection when food particles get caught in the gums.
If extraction is not necessary - wisdom teeth do need time to fully erupt - you can take medication for pain. There are many over-the-counter drugs to alleviate the pain and take the swelling down as well. If you need stronger medication, your dentist can give you a prescription.

Alternatively, home remedies can be just as effective. Garlic and onion are commonly used to help deal with wisdom tooth pain. Other options include rubbing clove oil on the affected area and using wheatgrass juice as a mouthwash.

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