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How Do I Get a Passport?

Any person can avail of a passport in the country where he or she is a citizen. It is necessary to have a passport when traveling to areas that are not within the jurisdiction of one’s own country. The purpose of a passport is to provide a person with a legal document that serves as identification.

A passport usually has a photo of the person who owns it, as well as details regarding the person—full name, date of birth, birth place, and other vital statistics. Aside from this page, a passport contains blank pages that may be stamped or written on by immigration authorities of other countries in order to identify when and where one has arrived or departed.

Because of the importance given to such a legal document, a process is involved in order for a person to obtain a passport from his or her government agency. In order to obtain a passport, it is necessary to have proofs of identification and place of birth. This usually comes in the form of a driver’s license and birth certificate. A person must fill up the requisite application form and provide all the necessary documents asked for. It is necessary that a person attach several copies of a 2x2 inch colored photo for the passport. Once the application is approved, the person will sign an application form and pay a fee for all the processing and costs involved. After that, the person may receive the passport via mail. The passport can last for 10 to 15 years, and can be renewed close to the expiration date.

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