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How Do I Get Rid of Body Odor?

Having body odor can be one of the most embarrassing things. People who have body odor - whether they are aware of it or not - may find themselves the object of talk and ridicule, and other people may even shun them for it. Body odor is basically caused by the proliferation of bacteria on the skin, in certain parts of the body. Most often, the source of body odor are the underarms, but in some cases, the genital area and the feet can also be a source of body odor.

If you have body odor, your main weapon against it is personal hygiene. Taking a bath or shower regularly is imperative. You will want to change your soap or body wash and use deodorant soap or wash instead of regular ones. Pay particular attention to the parts of your body where the odor comes from. After taking a shower, you may want to use deodorant as well. For some, the use of deodorant may not be necessary, but for more serious body odor issues, deo will certainly help.
Additionally, you may want to consider removing body hair in the parts which emit body odor. The reason for this is that the presence of hair encourages the growth of bacteria.

You also have to pay attention to your clothes and bed linen. Do not wear clothes twice without sending them to the laundry first. As for the bed linen, try changing them at least once a week. Doing this will help avoid your skin picking up any odor that may have transferred to the linen while you sleep.

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