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How Do I Lose My Beer Belly?

Beer can very well be one of the most refreshing beverages - at least for some people. However, drinking too much beer on a regular basis and not getting enough exercise can result in not-so-good things. One of those unwanted “side effects” of having too much beer over a period of time is a beer belly. If your beer belly is starting to bother you, then it is time to take some action.

It is important to understand the reason beer can give you a beer belly. You may not realize it, but beer does pack a lot of calories in a single bottle. The first thing that you have to do then is to cut back your beer drinking. Now, this can be an easy task for some people, but for others, beer is very much part of their lives that not drinking it can be a problem. If you belong to the second group, then you might want to consider the alternative: drinking light beer.

Most major beer brands have a light version these days. With the stress that society is putting on health, it is no surprise at all. While light beer may not taste the same, it is better than nothing and it does have much fewer calories than regular beer. You also ought to consider cutting back on drinking. If you are used to drinking several nights a week, try drinking only once a week. It may even be more enjoyable that way.

Cutting back on drinking alone may not do the trick, though. You also need to put in some effort in terms of exercise. You may think that doing situps is the key, but really they are a lot less effective (and a lot more painful) at cutting away belly fat than other activities like walking. Walking an hour a day will do wonders for your beer belly. You may also want to add some strength training. If you have trouble getting outside, consider buying a treadmill. The key is to be active for an hour at least 3-4 days per week. You will be amazed at how quickly that beer belly shrinks.

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