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How Do I Open a Checking Account?

A checking account is a kind of bank account wherein the client is issued a check book. A checking account differs from a savings account in several ways, the main thing being that the funds in the former are made more accessible. In some cases, checking accounts may not be eligible for the same interest rates as savings accounts.

The process and requirements for opening a checking account are quite similar to what is required for a savings account. More often than not, the customer has to pay the bank a visit. He then has to fill out the application forms. Sometimes, the application forms may be downloaded from the Internet and submitted to the bank. Some banks even allow the filling out of the forms online. There are also some basic requirements that will be asked of you when you open a checking account. Usually, you will be asked to provide ID pictures, at least one valid form of identification, and perhaps a billing statement that will serve as a proof of address. Of course, the specific requirements will vary depending on the bank and the nature of the account that you want to open.

Before you decide to open a checking account, do take a look at several banks in your area. Examine what they have to offer in terms of checking accounts and take a look at factors such as required opening balance, required maintaining balance, the interest that will be applied, charges for new checks, fines for overdrafts, and so on.

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