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How Do I Read Facial Expressions?

Reading people’s facial expressions can oftentimes be very challenging and difficult. People have different ways of showing their feelings and more often than not, interpreting facial expressions as a way of imparting the emotions of a person is very subjective. Interpretations can be varied. But daily practice and observation of people in different situations can give one a hint or a skill on how to read facial expressions based on given situations.

To read facial expressions, one should be observant also of the body languages or movements that a person is doing as a way of reacting to certain circumstances. Facial expression and body language often go together but sometimes people are so skilled at hiding expressions making it difficult to determine their emotions towards a person or towards certain situations. Aside from observing the physical and facial reactions of a person, it is crucial that the observer also analyses the situation so that he or she will have an accurate reading of why the other person’s facial reactions suggest some discomfort, surprise or even anger. The best way to learn reading people’s facial expression is to observe the way one’s family and close friends reacts to different situations. People close to you are easy to observe. Their facial expressions can be easily analyzed based on observed situations. Practice is crucial in order to learn the hidden messages of facial reactions given the fact that facial expressions may not always suggest the way people feel about certain situations. It is vital that situations are studied carefully before judging the facial expressions of others.

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