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How Do I Remove Wax From Carpet?

Getting any stain out of a carpet can be a pain in the neck, but getting wax out is a total nightmare. In mere minutes the melted wax from a candle hardens and becomes entangled with the carpet fibers. You could spend quite a long time, crouched uncomfortably on your hands and knees, picking at the wax bits and scraping them off as best as you can.

But there are easy ways to get wax out of a carpet. One thing you can do is to scrape off as much of the wax with a knife with a dull blade. This can include putty knives or butter knives. Don’t use anything sharper--you could hurt yourself and damage your beloved rug.

After you’ve scraped off as much as you can, use a vacuum cleaner to pick up the little wax bits. Then, get a clean sheet of cloth, or a paper towel or a paper bag. Don’t use a newspaper or magazine page, or any paper that has anything printed on it. (The image could transfer.) Place it over the wax stain. Then, melt the remaining max by passing an iron a hairdryer over the paper. It should stick to the cloth or the paper.

There, that gets out the wax…but what about the stain? Colored wax can lock into the carpet. The only way you can get this out is to bring your carpet to a professional cleaner. Or, you can try using stain removers or mild dishwashing liquid or detergent.

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