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How Do I Stop a Nosebleed?

A bleeding nose can be a scary thing, but it is oftentimes not serious. Kids usually get nosebleeds more often than adults, but it is not that uncommon for adults to get nosebleeds as well. One thing that you need to bear in mind when your nose bleeds is that it might be an indication of another condition. This is especially true if your nose bleeds for no apparent reason. In this case, if it happens - especially if more than once - you ought to see a doctor.

When someone’s nose bleeds, you ought to remain calm and take charge of the situation. In most cases, it is fairly easy to stop a nosebleed. Make the patient lean forward and not backward. It may defy your initial reaction, but leaning forward will help avoid the blood from going back down the throat of the patient. Blood in the throat may result in the patient choking. Furthermore, if blood gets in the stomach, it might irritate the lining as well.

Once the patient is leaning forward, you then have to try to stop the bleeding. You can do this by pinching the nose of the victim. It is important that you pinch the nose just below the bony bridge. Make sure that your fingers are touching both the bone and the soft tissue. Once you have a firm grip, make sure that the blood stops flowing. If it continues to flow, adjust your grip. Hold this position for five minutes to check if there is absolutely no more bleeding. If there is still some bleeding, pinch the nose again. This time, hold it for longer - around 10 minutes. You can try this another time, keeping the grip for another 10 minutes if necessary. If the blood continues to flow after three tries, bring the victim to the hospital.

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