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How Do I Terminate a Lease Agreement?

Breaking a lease is very tricky when it comes to the Landlord-tenant law especially for the tenants because it tends to side with landlords. A lease agreement is a legal contract to occupy a property for certain period of time with the exchange of payment. This agreement contains specific terms regarding the property and the people who are involved in the contract, including the obligations of the tenant and the landlord.

Terminating a lease agreement varies in several ways depending on the circumstances and whether the terminator is the landlord or the tenant. Some cases involve the tenant to want to move to another efficient place or the landlord finding a more suitable occupant for his property. This type of termination is often made with a formal written notice that must be submitted at least thirty days before the termination. This would give both parties time to prepare for evacuation. Some termination is caused by violations of terms within the contract. This kind of termination is more risky to the tenant in both ways. If the landlord finds that there is a violation in the contract such as not keeping the property in good condition or if the tenant is engaging in illegal activities inside the vicinity, the landlord can write a formal letter stating that the tenant should leave within a given time limit. Also, if the landlord violates any term in the contract such as not being able to tend to the need of the property like maintaining it in a habitable condition, the tenant has the right to leave the vicinity under a written formal letter stating the date of his evacuation.

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