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How Do I Treat Corns?

Corns are bumps that form on the feet due to excessive friction. Because of this friction, the skin in the affected area becomes progressively thicker, resulting in the bump. Having corns is not really considered something serious, but they do need to be dealt with. Otherwise, they can become really ugly and interfere with your daily routine as well.

The treatment for corns depends on the kind of corn that you are dealing with. Hard corns are the most common kind, and they form on parts of the feet that are exposed to footwear. When you have ill-fitting shoes - shoes that are too tight, for example - you will most likely develop corns after a while. For this kind of corn, the best treatment is to avoid friction by buying a comfortable pair of shoes. When buying shoes, make sure that you try them out by walking around a little bit. Over time, without the excessive pressure caused by uncomfortable shoes, the corns will disappear.

Sometimes, however, hard corns can be due to inherent abnormalities in the shape of the foot. No matter what kind of shoes you use, you might still develop corns. In this case, you have to see a doctor who will then probably suggest surgery.

Soft corns, on the other hand, usually develop in between the toes. The cause of soft corns is usually the size of the fourth or fifth toe - either or both may be too large. While wide shoes may help with this kind of corn, the best treatment is to have a doctor surgically remove the corn and make the toes smaller through surgery.

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