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How Do I Treat a Sore Heel?

Having a sore heel can very well be a major impediment to your lifestyle. This is especially true if you experience sore heels on a recurring basis. In many cases, people suffering from sore heels feel the strongest intensity of pain when they wake up in the morning and take the first step out of bed. The same thing can apply after long periods of not being active. Usually, after this initial bout of sharp pain and after walking around for a little bit, the pain subsides to a dull ache.

The most common cause of sore heels is plantar fasciitis. This condition involves the plantar fascia, which is a flat band of connective tissue. It connects the toes to the heel bone and is located at the bottom of the foot. When this tissue is irritated or inflamed, sore heels occur.

If you feel heel pain, you might want to consider taking it easy for a while. Unless there is an underlying condition, the heel pain will probably go away on its own. Your body is a wonderful machine and can solve a lot of conditions given enough rest and time. Take care that you avoid running, walking for long distances, and so on. Do note, however, that slight stretching exercise can help with heel pain. Just make sure that you do not overdo it.

You can also take some anti-inflammatory medication, many of which are available over the counter. In addition to this medication, you can apply ice packs to your heels to help with the pain.

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