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How Do I Treat a Stye?

A stye is not a serious problem, but it can be uncomfortable and ungainly. It can also get in the way of one’s daily routine if it gets worse. Normally, a stye goes away on its own within five days or so, but in some cases, it gets even more infected. When this happens, you will have to see a doctor for treatment.

Usually, the first sign of a stye is a small spot that is found in the center of a bump in the eyelid. This small spot is usually yellowish in color. In some cases, you may not see that yellowish spot, but the bump will definitely be there. What you ought to do when you see the first signs of a stye is to make sure that the affected area is always clean. You can do this by washing your face with anti-bacterial soap. Since styes are often caused by bacteria, frequent washing can help cure the stye more quickly. This will also prevent other styes from developing.

Using a warm compress will also help with the inflammation. Alternatively, you may warm up a tea bag. More than relieving the inflammation, the heat from the compress will also help with drainage of the stye. Leave the warm compress on for several minutes and repeat this several times a day.

Since styes can cause some degree of pain, you might want to consider taking aspirin or another kind of over-the-counter painkiller that also serves as an anti-inflammatory.

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