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How Do I Treat Yellow Toenails?

Yellow toenails are rather unsightly, and no one really wants to have people see their yellow toenails. Yellow toenails may be the result of two things. One, it can be that nail polish has been left on for too long. Two, there could be fungi in the toenails, causing the yellow color as well as brittleness and breakage.

If your yellow toenails are the result of nail polish being left for too long, a simple pedicure will do the trick. After a pedicure, you should not use nail polish for a few weeks in order to give your toenails time to recover.

If the reason for your yellow toenails is fungus, then you have to take more steps to treat the condition. For mild or moderate fungal infections, over-the-counter medicine usually does the trick. There is a lot of anti-fungal medication that can be bought at pharmacies. You can choose from creams, lotions, ointments, and gels. The application is rather simple – the medication simple needs to be massaged onto the toenails and immediate surrounding areas. Some anti-fungal creams may require a doctor’s prescription.

For severe cases of yellow toenails due to fungal infection, you will need to take oral medication on top of the topical treatments mentioned above. If the topical medication does not work, you will need to see a doctor so he can prescribe the proper oral medicine.

Just like other fungal infections, yellow toenails can occur again and again. It is thus important that you make sure that your feet are always clean and dry as much as possible.

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