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How Do Keratin Hair Treatments Work?

Having beautiful hair is one of the main concerns of fashion conscious men and women today. Everywhere you look, you can see ads and commercials selling all sorts of hair products and treatments that are supposed to give you shiny hair. Keratin hair treatments are among the popular treatments being advertised today, and they hold the promise of smooth, shiny, straight hair that will last for months. In a society wherein long straight hair seems to be important, this treatment has skyrocketed in popularity!

How do keratin hair treatments make your hair straight, especially if it is wavy or curly in the first place? The first thing that is done is to apply a keratin solution to the hair. The purpose of this is to strengthen the hair in preparation for the straightening process.

Once the keratin solution has been applied, another set of chemicals are added to the hair. These chemicals are what actually straighten the hair. What they do is to change the structure of the hair strands, resulting in straight, sleek hair. Once these chemicals have been applied evenly all throughout, the setup is left to “stew” for some minutes. The length of time depends on the exact chemical used and the method employed by the salon. The hair is then rinsed thoroughly and ironed out to set the new look.

This process should be done by a trained professional and you ought to be aware that there are risks involved. This is especially true since some salons use formaldehyde as the main chemical for straightening hair, and this can pose some serious health issues.

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