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How Do Meat Tenderizers Work

No amount of seasoning can make a tough chunk of meat appetizing. That’s why a lot of people will use meat tenderizers. These help soften the meat, and make them easier to chew.

Meat tenderizers are actually made of special enzymes (called proteolytic enzyomes or proteases) which can break down the amino acids in meat. They dissolve the meat sinews, but it is important not to let the chemicals sit too long in the meat or to put too much. Overtenderizing can lead to mushy meat that has no texture. Ideally the meat should melt in the mouth but still have a certain “spring”
Meat tenderizers come in powdered form and are sold in supermarkets. People can simply sprinkle a small amount. They are usually made form pineapple plants, which are rich in bromelein. Bromelein is known for being an effective treatment for swelling and sports injuries, too. Usually the bromelein in meat tenderizers are “harvest” from the pineapple stalks. Other tenderizers are made from papain, which is from papaya. Others make use of special acids found in kiwis and figs.

Some commercially available marinades contain meat tenderizers. Some tenderizers are also flavored, though it is best to use the unsalted and unflavored variety in order to be able to control the seasoning of the meat.

Another way of tenderizing the meat is to hit it with special meat tenderizer tools. However, it is best to use powdered meat tenderizer on its own. It will penetrate the meat after being sprinkled in minutes, without any additional preparation required.

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