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How Do Quick Divorces Work?

Getting a divorce today need not involve a long process. A quick divorce is possible when the husband and the wife agree to the decision and to the terms of their divorce. In this instance, a court trial may not even be necessary.

A quick divorce can be achieved when the two parties agree not to take the case to court. This means they have made a decision to divide their assets properly and have also negotiated well in terms of child custody. This situation is possible as long as the husband and wife remain to be on friendly terms with each other.

A couple who has been living apart for at least a year can get a quick divorce. This is in contrast to the contested divorce which can take several years to settle.

One of the most effective ways to achieve this goal is to file for a no-fault divorce. By this, it means that neither the husband nor the wife is responsible for the breakdown of the marriage. In addition, this does not require either party to provide a valid reason for the divorce.

Couples who wish to get a quick divorce need not limit themselves to the area where they reside. They have the freedom to go to other cities or states where the process is faster. In the state of Nevada, for instance, couples living in any area within the state can file for a no-fault divorce in Reno where the procedure can take a much shorter time.

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