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How Do You Improve Your Brain Function?

Brain function can be changed purposely through diet and exercise and accidentally through injury or illness to the brain’s tissue. These may either be positive or negative changes to the brain. Few things can be done to cause positive changes in brain function, instead, most changes cause negative brain function.

Certain nutrients and vitamins change the way some parts of the brain operate. High levels of omega 3 fatty acids, amino acids and vitamins are able to repair damaged portions of the brain which are involved in controlling emotions. These nutrients can be taken as supplements or through certain foods and are very helpful in countering depression. Fatty fish contains large amounts of omega 3.

Cognitive enhancing exercises also change brain function. The brain is just like any other body part which needs to be strengthened through regular exercise and use, this in turn increases it’s cognitive ability. Increased brain function and the avoidance of mind degenerative diseases can be influenced by doing mathematics and word problems and also writing creatively. These activities also help increase the intelligence quotient (IQ).

Negative changes to brain function are often caused by strokes or a blunt trauma to the head which make the brain unable to function normally as portions of the brain are left impaired. Prolonged use of certain dangerous and addictive drugs also impair brain function. They may begin by heightening some functions, but prolonged use is usually detrimental to health. Even pregnant women can affect the fetus’ brain function if they maintain an unhealthy lifestyle.

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