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How Do You Know if You're Under Arrest?

Arresting policies varies in different regions or countries although some have similar procedures. First of all, being under arrest means a person is being taken in the custody of the law enforcement agency. Usually, the most common procedure the law enforcements agencies follow is stating that a person is under arrest. In this situation, the law enforcement representative also states the rights of the person being arrested, reasons and grounds for arrest and may be arrested prior to being searched. Being searched includes anything that a person might be carrying, any vehicle he might be in or at home. However, being asked to go to the station for questioning or to respond to go to the stations request does not mean that a person is being under arrest.

Arresting a person can be done anywhere. It may be in the streets, at home, in a car or at the office. A law enforcement representative must first state who he is and what the reason for the arrest is. He must be in his uniform or if not must have a valid document for the arrest. Another factor that any citizen or individual should remember that once under arrest, resisting is also punishable by law. This also prevents the individual from leaving the station and is detained in jail cells with force. A person under arrest should still be treated well and not badly. The person arresting should also be treated with respect. For some instances, a warrant of arrest must be presented before taking someone into the custody of the agency.

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