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How Do You Relieve Skin Chafing?

Chafed skin is a condition wherein the skin gets irritated, and red rashes develop. The degree of skin chafing can vary from mild to serious, and in some cases there will even be blisters or the skin can become very raw. Whether the skin chafing is mild or serious, it is very uncomfortable and can cause the patient pain. Once you notice signs of chafed skin, it is best to immediately do something about it before it worsens.

There are areas of the body that are extremely prone to skin chafing. The upper inner thighs are especially sensitive when they rub against each other for extended periods of time. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure - and the same applies to skin chafing. Wearing protective clothing such as pants or shorts will help prevent skin chafing. Your clothes should not be too tight and the material should be soft and gentle on the skin.

If your skin is already chafed, you ought to immediately get some over-the-counter cream that will relieve the irritation. Look for creams that have anti-fungal properties as well. Alternatively, if the chafing is very mild, or you merely want to protect your skin, lotion or petroleum jelly will do the trick.

For severely chafed skin, you might need to see a doctor, who will prescribe medication.

Other things that you can do to treat chafed skin is to make sure that the affected area is always clean and dry. Moist areas are breeding grounds for bacteria, and this can only cause further complications. Pay closer attention to personal hygiene.

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