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How to Effectively Add Photos of Faces in Web Sites

The internet is a visual medium. Our eyes are the ones that do the “traveling” when visiting a web site. Adding photos to web site is one of the more effective ways of attracting attention, giving emphasis to content, and illustrating important points.

But if you think that posting photos is merely entails choosing a photo and posting it in your web site then you are very wrong. Design plays a big part not just in posting photos but also in choosing appropriate images that will complement the design of the site and also the underlying objectives of the site or content.

For example, using photos of faces in web sites gives humanity to the site, removing any kind of “cold” qualities that some sites possess. But merely using photos of people is not enough. There are certain techniques that you can use to effectively use photos, regardless of whether it is paid or free images.

Use photos for emphasis

Face photos can be used to create emphasis on a web page. For example, if you want web site visitors to take notice of a special offer, you can create a small banner on the page and then use a photo of one or more people who are facing the banner that contains your special offer. The visitor’s eye will unconsciously follow where the people in the photo are facing.

Averted eyes

On the other hand, if you want to put a human element on a web page but do not want it to compete with the content, you can use a photo of people whose eyes are not visible – they could be looking downwards or facing away from the camera. There are many royalty free stock images like these that you can use.

Remove the face

Another technique that personalizes a page but without taking attention away from the content is by doing away with the face entirely. The “person” helps humanify the page but still putting a lot of emphasis on the important parts of the web page.

Photo credit: D Sharon Pruitt

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