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How to Gain Twitter Followers

One man has the secret to gaining Twitter Popularity. He tweeted he would run around a Circle K naked if he got his 3000th follower on Twitter. Looks like he ended up gaining 16k and counting and well hes got him some useful followers but at what cost?

Sometimes you don't have to be famous to get a lot of followers you just have to know how to capitalize on what attention you do get to gain lots of followers. Keeping them is a whole other ball game.


"Last night at about 2am EST, Indonesian filmmaker Joko Anwar released a single, fateful tweet:
If I got my 3000th follower today, I’ll go into a Circle K naked.
It is now almost noon EST. And Joko Anwar has more than 10,000 followers. You can bet he’s getting publicity out of this. Alas, he also has to walk into a Circle K naked. "

Source: Business Pundit

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