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How to Get a Date on Craigslist

Getting a date on craigslist is something all of us geeks strive to do on an all to often basis when we are young, and desperate and have no social skills. No need to worry Rich Menga has found the magical secret to success.

Here's what Rich Menga has to say:

A Pro Copywriter would write an article headline like this: 8 ways to fix your computer

A Pro Craigslister needs to write a personal ad headline like this: 9 things about me

A Good Copywriter would write a good hook as well in the middle of the article Install anti-virus. What’s your favorite anti-virus software?
Likewise a good craigslist ad needs to have a hook one that gets them to take the next step, here's a great example: One of my favorite movies is x. Does anybody out there like this flick?

Headlines That Work Are Key
Writting Killer Headlines is really very important. You can use Chris Garret's Headlines as a good starting point to start writing some super duper successful dating campaigns on Craigslist. Just follow the basic principles of headlines to come up with your own.

Photos Are Uber-Important
Always use a photo that is realistic, no one wants to find out you used a photoshoped piece of work.
And don't use party pics, or high school photos. Take a photo where you are in your environment.

The Hook's That Seal The Deal
There are a variety of hooks. Humor is one I've found that works really well. Also simplicity and honesty works well. Not desperation. Use the craigslist personal as a conversation starter and your golden. It's going to take some practice so start off slow and in cities that aren't your own. And then once you've got it mastered start posting in your city and responding to the conversations more actively.

Good luck, and happy dating

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