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How to Get Help for Your Drug Addiction

You may be wondering how to get help for your drug addiction. You do have several options available, and a combination of treatment approaches may be the best way to approach the situation. Self-help groups and treatment centers can help you break free of the cycle of drug addiction.

To get help for your drug addiction, you can choose to join a self-help group, such as Narcotics Anonymous ("NA"). NA is an international organization with chapters in 125 countries. The program is similar to the one used by Alcoholics Anonymous. There is no cost to go to an NA meeting, although members are invited to make donations to be used toward the expenses associated with running the meetings.

Treatment centers offering inpatient programs are also available when you decide to get help for your drug addiction. The first step in the process is to rid the body of the drugs, which means going through a medically-supervised detoxification. Medications may be administered during this phase to help the addict deal with withdrawal symptoms.

Once the addict is off drugs, the rehabilitation portion of the treatment begins. During this phase, the addict receives counseling on an individual basis to help him or her understand the reasons why they were drawn to drugs in the first place. Developing alternate strategies for dealing with feelings of anxiety, depression, or stress is also part of the counseling process. Group therapy may be offered as well. Being able to share ideas with other people who have similar issues helps the drug addict in the recover process.

Once the person leaves the facility, it's important that they be offered follow-up care. Further counseling sessions provide the support the person needs to keep off drugs. When you are considering getting help for your drug addiction, keep in mind that recovery will be an ongoing process and that you will never be completely "cured."

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