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How to Get Rid of Cellulite - Reduction & Removal

Every time you look in the mirror, the dimply skin heckles you. You have seriously considered covering all the mirrors in your house with sheets to avoid your reflection. You can’t even begin to think about another swim suit season spent walking backwards into the ocean. And any time spent naked will certainly be in the golden glow of flickering, and blessedly dim, candle light. You have cellulite and cannot bear the thought of enduring another day with the orange peel curse. But you don’t know how to get rid of it. Though exercise and diet are preached as the answer, you have tried this route to no avail.

Cellulite is a prevalent problem for women. Many women have not found the answer to lie in diet and exercise for their bodies. Busy schedules and tight time lines make it difficult to incorporate a regular exercise regiment rigorous enough to eliminate the cellulite and a healthy diet just won’t work when you have to grab and go most of the time. Because many women find themselves in this particular boat, the reduction and removal of cellulite has become a financial gold mine for spas and treatment centers that offer these types of services. There are a wide range of treatment options available to provide relief to the immense number of women seeking a solution to their cellulite problem.

1. Mesotherapy minimizes the appearance of cellulite through injections into the fat and connective tissues which house the cellulite. The injections consist of medication, vitamins and minerals which break down the bulging fat cells causing the cellulite. The body then rids itself of the excess fat effectively eliminating the cellulite.

2. Arasys reduces cellulite while simultaneously tightening the skin. A machine stimulates the nerve endings prompting the signals to be sent to the brain to increase the metabolism. The body responds by contracting the muscles and breaking down the cellulite present in the body.

3. Lipodissolve are injections of vitamins, enzymes, and a soy derivative abbreviated as PPT. The injections are done directly into the fat chambers. The bonds holding together the fat cells are dissolved by the PPT which is a key component in fat metabolism.

4. SmoothShapes uses a technology known as photomology to treat cellulite. A laser and light battle the cellulite while contoured rollers smooth the skin.

5. Accent uses a process of heat to eliminate the appearance of cellulite. The heating source penetrates the area of cellulite. Excess fluid contributing to the cellulite is absorbed into the body and the bands of tissue holding the fat pockets together are tightened. Cellulite is eliminated.

6. Endermologie uses a massage technique to get rid of cellulite. Roller massage techniques are used in conjunction with a suction. This process causes the fatty tissue to erode the cellulite.

7. Velasmooth employs the use of a machine which exerts pressure to stimulate metabolism. The various pressures stimulate the metabolic rate which decreases the amount of fat tissue in the body. The elimination of fat tissue then reduces the size of fat cells causing the skin to appear smooth and cellulite free.

8. The cellulite eraser us a product which is similar to the cellulite creams. The eraser is a gel which compresses the bulging fat cells which cause the cellulite to appear through the skin. It also increases the elasticity of the connective tissues forming the chambers around the fat cells. This allows the fat cells to spread laterally somewhat which prevents them from bulging upwards through the skin.

9. LipoLite was developed by a doctor from other existing cellulite treatments. This process uses mesotherapy and VelaSmooth along with another effective treatment. This cellulite reduction treatment is supposed to be as effective as liposuction without the trauma of surgery.

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