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How Healthy Skin Can Improve Your Sex Life

It’s no secret; how you feel about yourself affects your sex life. When your body doesn’t look quite the way you think it should or your hair has suffered a terrible cut from a sadistic hairdresser, sex isn’t going to be the first item on your to do list. When your skin doesn’t look its best or has an ailment which makes it look less than perfect, you’re not going to want to take off your clothes and reveal your imperfection to a partner. Even if you are willing to proceed while remaining partially clothed, your inhibitions and insecurities will take away from your enjoyment and consequently, your performance. When your skin looks less than perfect, every aspect of your sex life suffers.

Beautiful skin boosts your confidence. When you feel and look beautiful, you are less inhibited about revealing your body. You won’t find yourself preoccupied with what your partner is thinking about your skin. You won’t wonder through the entire process whether your partner has noticed your imperfections and if they are secretly disgusted by them. These musings can be very distracting during sex. Distractions of this type will prevent you from enjoying the sensations and the intimacy. Your preoccupation with these types of thoughts will not go unnoticed by your partner who will be wondering what he/she is doing wrong and if it is his/her body which is causing the lack of enjoyment.

It isn’t only how your skin looks that affects your sex life. Healthy skin affects your sex life in other ways too. The health of your skin is indicative of your overall general health. Many of the same health factors which promote healthy skin also support a healthy sex life. When certain elements of your overall health are less than optimal, your sex life suffers. One such element is blood circulation. In order to have healthy skin, you have to have good circulation. An increase in blood flow floods the skin with the nourishment required to keep it healthy, hydrated, and beautiful.

Good circulation is an integral part of sex. Sufficient blood flow ensures there is enough blood to flow to all the parts of the body that need it. When the blood circulation isn’t as efficient as it needs to be, your ability for arousal will be adversely affected. Without enough blood flow, arousal may not be possible. Both men and women are affected by such an occurrence. Women may not experience proper lubrication and men will have trouble with erection. Besides the physical intricacies, increased blood flow to the genital area increases the sensations and ultimately the pleasure of sex. Blood circulation can determine the level of pleasure you experience during sex.

There are certain correlations between healthy skin and a healthy libido. Sex drive is as much psychological as it is physiological. When you are not feeling confident, you aren’t feeling sexy. Your skin is as important to body confidence as your weight is. When your skin is experiencing problems, your confidence does too. Psychological factors can prevent enjoyment and arousal. Physiological factors are impacted by your overall health. Nourishment and proper hydration are as essential to sexual health as they are to skin health. Both systems need the same nutrients to perform optimally. And hydration impacts the body’s ability to perform without fatigue. Fatigue doesn’t just slow the physical exertion required during sex, but the internal effort required to keep the body performing internally as well.

The body needs to feel good and look good to perform. Your skin covers your body from head to toe. When your skin is soft, smooth, and has a healthy glow, you won’t have any qualms about showing it off. In fact, you’ll probably look forward to showing it off. You’ll also enjoy having your skin touched. Your confidence and desire will show and fuel your partner’s desire. Your confidence will make sex enjoyable. Keeping your skin beautiful will help your self esteem and your sex life.

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