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How Much Garbage Does a Person Create in One Year?

Concerns about the environment have made people more conscious about their “environmental footprint” or the kind of waste they leave behind in their lifetime. And, if we were to really look at it, the average person leaves an extraordinary amount of waste.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency an American generates 2 kilograms of trash a day. This is 29 pounds per week or 726 kilograms a year. Even more alarming is the fact that this is household trash and does not include the waste produced by companies in creating the products that an average consumer buys.

This is bad news for Mother Earth especially since the United States does not even have the most number of waste. In Mexico a household can generate up to thirty percent more garbage.

To give a concrete picture of the effect of a single person on the environment, the garbage generated in the year could form a line of garbage trucks to the moon, cover the State of Texas nearly three times over.

Typical garbage includes disposable diapers, Styrofoam packs, fast food packaging and office paper (given yet another reason to hate bureaucracy and memos).

Sadly a lot of the things could be recycled. As much as 35% of the landfills are from paper waste which would be recycled.

People can also cut down on waste by reusing items, buying things secondhand, and buying things with smaller packaging. It is also advisable to avoid using plastic bags, and bring eco-friendly bags when shopping.

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