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How Much Should I Tip at a Restaurant?

It is relatively expected from someone to give a tip to the service crew after having a meal at the restaurant. However, what is considered to be a “good” tip?

The size of the tip is determined the type of restaurant, the number of people in your party and the quality of service you experienced.

In restaurants where you eat at a counter, and service is not that extensive, the tip should range from 10% to 12% of the total bill. However, really good service (such as from a friendly crew) can be rewarded with 15% of the total bill.

When eating at a local restaurant, a tip of 15% of the bill is standard. To quickly calculate this look at the bill. Most states have a tax rate of 7%, so just multiply this by two and round it off to the next dollar. For example, a total bill of $48.70, the tax will be $3.90, which results in a total bill of $52.60. Just multiply $3.90 by two and this results in a tip of $7.80—or $8.

As a general rule though you should leave a bigger tip if you were part of a large party and the waiter or waitress had to go through more trouble. Usually the accepted amount is 20% of the total bill.
It is also important to applaud good service even if the food was bad. Complain to the manager about the burnt steak or the soggy vegetables but do give a good tip to the ever-smiling waitress.

At four star or five star restaurants it is also necessary to tip the maitre d' especially if he or she put extra effort into finding you a good seat. The standard amount is $20 - $100 which should be given before you are escorted to the seat.You should also tip the waiter, about 20% of the total bill, and the wine steward ($2 or $3 dollars for a bottle of wine that costs less than $10, or if you get several bottles, 10% - 15% of the wine bill.). The coat check attendant, restroom attendant and parking attendant should also be given a $1 tip. Bartenders should be given about $1 per drink or up to 15% of the bar bill.

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