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How to Prepare for a Construction Manager Career

One of the biggest parts of any economy is in construction.   If you are interested in forming a career in the construction industry, consider becoming a construction manager.   As a manager you will be working on construction projects and playing a big role in their successful completion.   Here are five basic tips to help you prepare for a career in construction management.  This article was developed from How To Become a Construction Manager.

1. High school students with the career goal of becoming a construction manager can prepare by taking courses in English, algebra, accounting, psychology, physics, and physical education. Working summers and during vacations for contractors, builders, road crews, and within various construction industries often increase a students' acceptance into a formal training program.

2. Attaining an associates or bachelors degree in construction management allows a student to gain educational training and open career opportunities. Students in a 2 year program prepare for a career as a construction manager by taking courses like: construction drawing, surveying, physics, psychology, fundamentals of construction management, project controls, cost estimating and analysis, estimating management, labor and employment law, and managing employee relations. Students who complete an associate degree program can go on to study courses like: construction accounting, hazard management, green building, project scheduling, construction law, and blue print reading with in a 4 year program.

3. Completion of a 2 or 4 year degree program allows students to advance to master degree programs. Students take courses in site planning, design, project control, cost estimation, scheduling, business management, safety codes, inspection procedures, and architectural science to advance to internship programs under the supervision of a qualified construction manager. Internship programs allow students hands on experience to base a masters thesis and future careers upon.

4. Certification and/or licensing exams are offered through the Construction Management Association of America and the American Institute of Construction. Individuals may voluntarily take certification and licensing exams to receive accreditation and gain employment as construction managers.

5. A doctoral degree allows an individual to become an expert in the field of construction management. Students study courses in construction contracts, project management, methods in construction, cost analysis and estimating, project scheduling, methods and principles of lean production, legal issues in construction, construction information systems, construction management and advanced topics. Completion of a publishable dissertation allows students to work as upper level construction managers, researchers, or professors.

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