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How Should I Choose Bridesmaids?

A wedding is one of the most important events in a couple’s life. Preparations are often tedious and the couple is sure to ask for help to those people whom they assigned as bridesmaids and groomsmen. Oftentimes, the couple chooses people who are close to them to be bridesmaids. Usually, it is the bride who choses her bridesmaids and the groom choses his groomsmen. There are instances, however, that in choosing a bridesmaid, one should consider the comfort and compatibility of the bride to the bridesmaids and the bridesmaids to other bridesmaids. A bride cannot just pick her favorite individuals to become her bridesmaids without considering some basic pointers.

First, bridesmaids should be committed to help and assist the bride in the wedding. She should of course be one of the closest relative or friend of the bride whom the bride will not have any difficulty dealing with. Second, the bride also needs to consider the comfort of her groom when it comes to choosing bridesmaids given that the weeding is also an important event for the guy. If for instance your groom asks you to have his sister become one of the bridesmaids, but that idea is awkward for you, then explain the matter to your groom in a way that he will not be offended or feel manipulated. Lastly, it is crucial that the bride will have bridesmaids who are truly close to her, and will help her in last minute details. Having close people around during wedding preparations will surely make the wedding very successful.

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